Ek Villain

there’s one in every love story 

Ek Villain…

"In any case, thank you for coming."


this siblings need to back-off!

like this

" Jeong Woo, if you take the easy road because it’s too difficult, a dream will always remain just a dream. In ten years, or twenty years, I believe that all these hardships will become fond memories. I’ll wait and see that it happens. So please, always follow your dreams.”

"You broke our ordinary happiness. And in return, succeeded like this. Isn’t that good enough? Do you have to resent me? Back then, I lost the confidence to make you happy, and the confidence that I could be happy. When we were together, it wasn’t only double the joy,it was double the poverty, and double the sadness. That’s why I said to break up. Although it’s an already a broken dish, please don’t insult that sincerity that I had given you."

Well, no one likes it when the band breaks up.